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Ukraine's Diplomatic Efforts

May 27, 2023 | Expert Insights


In the midst of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, Ukraine is actively engaging with the global south, aiming to garner support and solidarity in its quest for international recognition and assistance. Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova has been at the forefront of these diplomatic efforts, advocating for Ukraine's cause and urging the rest of the world to stand on the right side of history. This article explores Ukraine's strategies in wooing the global south and the significance of their support in the face of the conflict.

The Global South and Ukraine's Diplomatic Approach

The term "global south" refers to a group of developing and emerging countries that share common socio-economic and political interests. These nations often seek to promote their collective voice on global issues and strive for a more equitable world order. Ukraine recognizes the importance of forging strong alliances within this group to counterbalance Russia's influence and gain broader international support.

Ukraine's Message: Upholding International Law and Democracy

At the heart of Ukraine's diplomatic efforts lies the message of upholding international law and democracy. Ukraine portrays itself as a victim of Russian aggression and emphasizes the need for the global community to rally behind the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and human rights. Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova has been instrumental in conveying this message, highlighting Ukraine's commitment to democratic values and urging the global south to align themselves with a country that shares their aspirations for freedom and self-determination.

Engaging with Regional Organizations

Ukraine has actively engaged with regional organizations representing the global south, such as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Group of 77 (G77). These platforms provide opportunities for Ukraine to establish direct dialogue and build partnerships with member states. By attending conferences, delivering speeches, and participating in discussions, Ukrainian officials aim to raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine, garner support, and solidify relationships with countries from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Offering Expertise and Assistance

Ukraine recognizes that engaging with the global south requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond seeking political support. The country has been proactive in sharing its expertise in areas such as democratic governance, economic development, and energy security. By offering technical assistance and sharing best practices, Ukraine aims to build mutually beneficial relationships and demonstrate its commitment to supporting the aspirations and development of countries in the global south.

Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation

Another significant aspect of Ukraine's diplomatic efforts is providing humanitarian aid and engaging in development cooperation. Ukraine has faced the consequences of war, displacement, and economic challenges, and it empathizes with the struggles faced by many countries in the global south. By offering humanitarian assistance and engaging in development projects, Ukraine showcases its solidarity and willingness to contribute to the well-being and stability of partner nations.

The Significance of Global South Support

The support of the global south holds immense significance for Ukraine in several ways. First, it amplifies Ukraine's voice on the international stage, providing it with greater legitimacy and visibility. Second, it helps counterbalance Russia's influence, as many countries in the global south have themselves experienced struggles with hegemonic powers. Third, the backing of the global south strengthens Ukraine's position in negotiations and diplomatic initiatives, increasing its leverage in seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict.



As the Ukraine-Russia war persists, Ukraine is actively reaching out to the global south, seeking support and solidarity in its pursuit of justice, peace, and stability. Through diplomatic engagement, Ukraine aims to garner political backing, share expertise, and provide assistance to countries in the global south. The significance of global south support lies in bolstering Ukraine's international standing and countering Russian influence. As Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzh aparova and other Ukrainian officials continue to advocate for Ukraine's cause and present its case to the global south, the hope is that more countries will stand on the right side of history and support Ukraine's fight for sovereignty, territorial integrity, and democratic values.

However, Ukraine's diplomatic efforts in wooing the global south are not without challenges. Russia has a strong presence and influence in many countries within the global south, leveraging economic ties, historical connections, and geopolitical considerations to maintain support for its actions in Ukraine. Additionally, some countries in the global south may have competing priorities or concerns that prevent them from fully aligning with Ukraine's stance.

Nonetheless, Ukraine remains steadfast in its pursuit of support from the global south. The country's engagement goes beyond rhetoric and symbolic gestures; it is a genuine effort to build meaningful partnerships and foster long-term cooperation. Ukraine's willingness to share expertise, provide humanitarian aid, and engage in development projects demonstrates its commitment to mutual benefits and sustainable relationships.

The global south, in turn, has an opportunity to stand up for the principles of international law, democracy, and human rights by supporting Ukraine. By aligning themselves with Ukraine, countries in the global south can demonstrate their commitment to upholding sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the right to self-determination. They can also contribute to a more balanced and equitable world order, where aggression and violations of international norms are not tolerated.

In conclusion, Ukraine's diplomatic efforts to woo the global south are an important aspect of its strategy to gain international support in the face of the Ukraine-Russia war. By engaging with regional organizations, offering expertise and assistance, and emphasizing shared values of democracy and human rights, Ukraine aims to rally the global south to stand on the right side of history. The significance of global south support lies in bolstering Ukraine's legitimacy, countering Russian influence, and advancing the cause of international law and democracy. As Ukraine continues its diplomatic outreach, the hope remains that more countries in the global south will join the chorus of support for Ukraine's pursuit of peace, stability, and sovereignty.