Tensions in the Korea Peninsula

Tensions in the Korea Peninsula

On the 10th of April 2017, Officials from North Korea came out with worrying statements saying that they would respond to the “reckless” moves that the United States carried out over the weekend.

How will the US’s ‘new path’ in the region play out?

On the 10th of April 2017, Officials from North Korea came out with worrying statements saying that they would respond to the “reckless” moves that the United States carried out over the weekend. Over the past few days, the US navy has mobilized the USS Carl Vinson accompanied by the guided missile destroyers which are the USS Wayne E. Meyer and Michael Murphy.  Over 5,000 men and women have been deployed to the Korean Peninsula which has angered both China and North Korea.

Why did the US deploy the USS Carl Vinson?

The US is directly reacting to the DPRK’s numerous missile tests in the past few weeks. They have strategically placed an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea and the USS Carl Vinson carries with it Aegis Ballistic missile Defence system. This is due to the development of ballistic missiles systems within North Korea which they say has the capability of reaching as far as the west coast of the United states. Most of the tests were deemed a failure by military commentators however the distance increased over the course of the three known tests.

This has worried America and they have sent the anti-ballistic systems into counteract and nullify any possible tests in the future. The missiles from previous tests landed in the ocean near Japan and this infringement on one of America’s allies has lead President Trump to deploy. The administration has flirted with the idea of preemptive strikes but how it pans it remains to be seen.

What is the reaction of South Korea and China?

The two players that are of the utmost importance in this equation are China and South Korea. China severely reprimanded North Korea for their missile tests and placed certain trade restrictions on them (coal, metals) but has also castigated America in their tactics in the Korean Peninsula. China has maintained to this point; an ideology of discourse and patience when dealing with North Korea much to the irritation of America, South Korea and the world.

If the altercation escalates any further China may seek to rescue North Korea diplomatically but military wise it would create a direct confrontation with America. This is something President Xi Jinping would likely avoid.

South Korea’s safety is also paramount to the US’s moves in the Peninsula. The South Korean’s like the Americans are worried over the nuclear nature of the North Korean arms. The nation is going through a period of instability with scandals engulfing the highest branch of the state and business. Since the impeachment of their President, North Korea has upped the pressure with more tests and this has led to an increase in military deployment and America aiding in the anti-missile systems.


If the struggle intensifies, the affect it would have on the world would be ruinous. An all-out war between DPRK and the allied South Korea-US forces would end in hundreds of casualties and should be avoided at all costs. The Us and Trump’s strategy seems to be demilitarizing and denuclearize the nation by force which even to any bystander seems highly risky. The role China should take is to appease the current situation and not to let Kim Jong-un attempt to retaliate. The DPRK has an official meeting of all its heads and this will be crucial in seeing how this dangerous game pans out.