The Strains

The Strains

How can tensions along the LOC be de-escalated?

On 01 November 2016, eight civilians including two children were killed by Pakistan Artillery shelling, across the LOC, in J&K. Pakistan claims that six civilians were killed on their side of the LOC, by Indian gun fire. Both India and Pakistan, have accused each other of repeatedly violating the 2003 Ceasefire.


With credible evidence of Pakistani hand, in acts of terrorism in India, public passion & Pakistan baiting had reached an unprecedented high. Political parties and TV journalists, further stoked anger, amongst India’s youth. For India, Pakistan is a particularly difficult neighbour, with divergent national interests; China, Afghanistan, religion, Indus water and Kashmir, to name a few. The current escalation in border tensions is unlikely to either resolve these issues or improve our relationship. Until we find a way out through political and diplomatic application, stoking public ire and cross-border jingoism, is counter-productive.