The inevitable war – North Korea

The inevitable war – North Korea
North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho has said that firing missiles at US mainland was now “inevitable” as US President continued to insult Kim Jong Un. In July 2017, North Korea..

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho has said that firing missiles at US mainland was now “inevitable” as US President continued to insult Kim Jong Un.


In July 2017, North Korea successfully test launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). The state media announced that the first ICBM, which was launched on July 3rd, was a “gift” to America. At the time, experts said that this ICBM could reach Alaska. The second one can reportedly reach a number of cities in the US including Boston and New York. US has responded by condemning the tests and carrying out joint military exercises along with South Korea. Many top officials from the US, including Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to UN, have said that the country would not rule out a military conflict if a resolution is not reached.

In August 2017, North Korea flew a missile over Japan and called it the “first step” in its Pacific operations. In September 2017, the nation has conducted its sixth nuclear test to date. It was the nation’s most powerful test yet. According to reports, the country detonated a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile. The UN imposed another round of fresh sanctions in response.


In September 2017, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been engaged in a war of words. Trump spoke about destroying North Korea during his address at the UN General Assembly. He also called Kim Jong Un a “madman” and “Rocket man” on his Twitter account. The North Korean leader responded by accusing Trump of being a “mentally deranged US dotard.”

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho was highly critical of Trump during his address to the UN. He said, “Through such a prolonged and arduous struggle, now we are finally only a few steps away from the final gate of completion of the state nuclear force. It is only a forlorn hope to consider any chance that [North Korea] would be shaken an inch or change its stance due to the harsher sanctions by the hostile forces. We have no idea about what actions could be taken as it will be ordered by leader Kim Jong-un."

He also said that given the rhetoric from Trump, it was now “inevitable” that North Korea would fire its rockets at mainland United States. The nation had earlier threatened to fire its missiles at Guam, which is a US territory.

Additionally, North Korean state media has released a video depicting the “destruction” of US warships and aircrafts.


Our assessment is that the increasingly heated exchanges between North Korea and America has left little room for diplomatic dialogue. A military conflict in the Korean peninsula would have a devastating effect on the region. However, one miscalculated move by either nation could make it inevitable and ultimately tragic.