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Engendering Partnerships

April 13, 2021 | Expert Insights

In the realm of space technology, democratisation and innovation are the two key norms. Between them, there are tremendous opportunities for lowering costs, increasing capability, and fostering collaboration.

As with land, air, or the maritime domain, it will be important to build partnerships in space. Several start-ups in India and across the world can bring state-of-the-art competencies into this sector.

The boundary-less dimensions of space, both physical and otherwise, make it naturally suited for ground-breaking projects. The secret lies in unearthing the unmet needs of humankind, which even experts may not be aware of at this point in time.

Space can enable a more inclusive outcome in the communications sphere. In an era where work-from-home has become a common idea, it helps to secure better access to technology for rural communities. Against this backdrop, companies like SpaceX, with their low-orbit satellite constellations, are bringing to bear new capabilities in a commercially efficient manner.

As for Lockheed Martin, it is actively seeking to partner with companies in India, from start-ups and medium-sized ventures to public sector enterprises like the Indian Space Research Organisation. The opening up of space through the new Satellite Communications policy will be critical in this regard.


William Blair is the Vice-President and Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin India Pvt. Ltd. Prior to this, he was the Vice-President of Strategic Solutions and Middle East Executive with the same company. This article is written by the Synergia Research team based on insights shared by the expert at the round table titled ‘Empowering the Internet through Space: Limitations, challenges, and the future’ on 21 January 2021.