Widening the lens of current perspectives to to reveal shifting trends and hidden patterns shaping our organizations and societies in the long term.

Thinking about the Big Picture is a rare luxury in a busy world. We always have more pressing things to do and long-term matters are most often far beyond our concerns as we deal with the constant demands of our fast-paced lives. 

How far into the future do we ever make an effort to contemplate? How often do we as individuals, businesses and governments, think about the domino effect our decisions will have in the decades and centuries ahead? And why should we?

Our lack of ability to look beyond the latest news cycle is one of the most dangerous traits of our generation. In a world of sound bites, knee-jerk opinions and information overload, Synergia Futures, provides a place for delving deep and shifting perspectives. We take the long view, taking a step back from the latest trending news and to widen the lens of our current perspectives. 

With gradual shifts that are transforming organizations in ways not yet fully understood, Synergia helps you identify signals which may not appear to have a strong impact in the present but which could trigger major events in the future. 

With deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to help you navigate the curve and beyond, we provide a pause for dialogue and debate about the nature and behaviour of the big shifts in the context of your industry and how you as a leader can make the right strategic choices along the journey.

Through evidence-based analysis and original thinking, we shine a light on the hidden ways that the world is changing and how to navigate it. Our goal is to explore what ultimately matters over the broader arc of human history and what it means for our descendants, and to reveal the hidden patterns shaping our organizations and societies in the long term.