Cyber Security

Mapping changing paradigms in the field of data protection, emerging digital technologies and cyber security to assess potential threats, interventions and preventive measures for a safer worldwide web.

world is entering the fourth industrial revolution, best described as the Era of Cyber Physical Systems where Information Technology that encompasses communications, computing and artificial intelligence will transform how we use or operate physical systems - from cars / vehicles, drones, data networks, power grids, manufacturing plants and even agriculture.

The progress of human society is intricately linked to its technological advancement but as history will confirm, the adoption of emerging technologies almost always precedes the enforcement of the necessary ethical and inclusive regulatory frameworks required to responsibly manage it. Therefore, the need for the proactive as well as responsive addressal of a whole new paradigm of threats and challenges cannot be understated.

The increasingly sophisticated use of the internet, social media and IT by proponents of violent extremism has eliminated all prevalent constraints in the permeation of radical ideologies across international borders. With the accelerated migration of personal data into remote virtual environments, the threat of misuse including cases of theft of identity and intellectual property, invasion of individual privacy and corporate confidentiality are rising at an alarming rate.

In the face of such disruptive change, leaders of thought and action need to envision strategies and solutions that look beyond traditional approaches to security. Cyber threats need a holistic, 360-degree security approach covering all aspects of external and internal intelligence, web intelligence, human intelligence, open source intelligence, signal intelligence, supply chain security and social media.

Our objective is to to make timely, practical interventions relevant to the world of cyber security and the stakeholders that use it to ensure that cyber safety is a priority and is well designed and implemented within industry, government and policy creation processes.

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