Bird's Eye View


Organized an international conclave – Cyber 360 in 2015 on Emerging Cyber threats including a possible Cyber 9/11, The Dark Web & Crypto currency , Cyber & Space. Organized a second international conclave on Reimagining Security in an asymmetric world in 2017 on the Future of IT.

Organized a third international conclave on Security 360 in 2019 on the Future of security in the Cyber Space, AI, Industry 4.0, the convergence of 5G


Organized a Forum Metamorphosis – Talking Technology with Harvard Law School, NITI AYOG and Government of Karnataka

Organized a forum on Cyber and Space Security in collaboration with ISRO , DRDO and Chatham House in 2015

Organized a forum on Building Reseliance in the new world of cyber security along with the CEO the National Cyber Secuirty Cordinator GoI.


First Indian think tank to organize a round table on Deep and the Dark Web at the Munich Security Conference in 2015.

First think tank to organize a round table Cyber Threats: Who Cares & Who Should I Call in 2017 With the Government of Karnataka.

Organized a conference on Digital Security – Investing in a secure supply chain with US Home Land Security Commissioner , CEO ICANN in 2015


Prepared a policy recommendation on the Deep and the Dark Web and Threats to Critical Infrastructure and IoT

Prepared a policy recommendation on Cyber threats due to Wanna Cry to the state government in 2018.

Prepared a policy recommendation on Threats to Aerospace and Defence due to cyber and supply chain threats in 2019.