Bird's Eye View


The paradigm of security in 5G is continually transforming as technologies and use cases evolve to support it.

Synergia was first in the country to organize an international conclave on Building a Resilient 5G Ecosystem in 2019 together with the Government of India . The conclave was culminations of several rounds of discussion on 5G in US , Japan and India where Synergia actively contributed.



Organized forums 5G with leading experts from Goverment of India , DRDO ,

Organized forums on US China Technological War, Artificial Intelligence , Cloud Computing and semiconductors with leading experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Stanford University and Carnegie Endowment of international Peace. Organized forum on Satellite and telecommunication with Goverment of India , ISRO and Star link


Synergia organized a round table in New Delhi with Secretaries, Electronics, Cyber Security, GoI of Telecommunication and Defence , GoI and presented a report on how to build a secure indigenous 5G architecture in India.

Participated in deliberations on security threats in 5G with top experts in US and Japan Organized a round table with NITI AAYOG and presented the position paper on Technology ,Standards and Product Development


Created a heat map for the first time in India identifying core capabilities of the Indian telecommunication industry to build a 5G infrastructure. This was submitted to Goverment of India.

Policy document submitted to the secretaries in Ministry of Telecom, Ministry of Electronics, NITI AAYOG, Principal Scientific Advisor to Goverment of India, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Science and Technology, and National Security Council Secretariat