A strategic affairs, foreign policy, science and advanced technology print publication that provides nonpartisan, evidence based analysis of contemporary issued based on real time discussions. Authored by functional experts all over the world, The publication is rated as one of the best in the country.


A online publication that provides our readers with a kaleidoscopic view of geo political issues on a weekly basis. Curated by some of the best researchers at the Foundation, S Bulletin helps the geo political enthusiast follow current affairs and build data pattern frame works.


A discussion forum that brings together eminent subject matter experts and provides thought leadership in key areas of economics, finance, security and advanced sciences. The forum helps business leaders , senior government functionaries look at potential disruptions and help them develop insights to manage the unknown.The Forum has convened over 150 such forums.

Ambassador series

The Synergia Ambassador series convenes eminent experts to discuss challenges and disruptions that governments, academia and businesses may face in the future.

Breakfast Series

The discussant will be part of a small group of 25 for a closed-door interactive session. Participants will include leaders from government, industry, academia and media.


The discussant will be part of a small group of 25 for a closed-door interactive session. Participants will include leaders from government, industry, academia and media.

Focus Areas

Beyond the Curve

Disruption, Game Changer and Showstopper

Synergia is able to help model the ‘the new normal‘ by identifying events that could potentially be disruptions and help organizations better understand their behavioral blind spots.

Over the last two decades, Synergia has made more than 18 predictions and 14 of them have already come true. Would you like to know more?

Looking Beyond the Curve


Synergia was the first in India to develop a Covid Compendium in 2020 ( Pandemics are here to stay ) , prepare an exit strategy for the Government. Organized a debate with Oxford University and Harvard School of Public Health on the potency of the vaccine, first to speak about the efficacy of the Nasal Vaccine and develop a template for future biological threats.

Resilient Cities

Synergia organized a global conference in 2013 on building resilient cities and developed protocols to deter both traditional and non-traditional challenges for the GoI and State of Karnataka.

The Foundation provided a practitioners response to mass causality with a table top simulation , Tactical medicine , role of Intelligence , WMD etc

Resilient Cities
Cyber Threats
Cyber Security

Synergia was the first in India to showcase the threat of dark web to Law Enforcement Agencies in India in 2015. The threat of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure in 2016 and published the reports which was acknowledged as top policy reports to global governments. Demonstrated the challenge of ransom ware to policy makers in 2017.

5G and Telecommunication

Synergia was one the first to speak about the different vulnerabilities associated with the deployment of undersea cables vital for 5G telecommunication.

Synergia was one of the first to organize round tables on building a resilient 5G telecommunication in India with key policy makers in 2017.

5G and Telecommunication


Synergia Conclave

Synergia Foundation Logo Conclave

Future-proofing the world.

Rated as one of the best strategic gatherings in South Asia, our flagship biennial conference draws more than 150 functional experts from more than 25 countries to formulate strategies for better global governance.

Synergia Seminar

Synergia Foundation Logo Seminar

Interpreting risks as opportunities

An invite-only platform that provides on-demand consultation to corporate boards, governments and R&D institutions. Our timely intervention accelerates effective policies, private sector action and public-private cooperation.

Synergia Forum

Synergia Foundation Logo Forum

Racing against time for a better future.

An on-demand forum for industry association, corporates boards, Media, governments and R&D institutions where eminent subject matter experts discuss and find solutions to challenges that they face from time to time


Thought Papers

Written by industry leaders and in-house research experts, our papers provide actionable insights for government, policy makers and business leaders to effectively manoeuvre the political and business landscape of India and the world.

Securing Critical Infrastructure
Melissa Hathaway
President, Hathaway Global Strategies
Securing Critical Infrastructure
Information Technology Express
Dr. A.J. Paulraj
Marconi Prize, Stanford University
Information Technology Express
The Myth Of A New World Order
Joseph S. Nye
Fmr Dean, Kennedy School at Harvard Uty
The Myth Of A New World Order